Leestensch Hof

Haflinger Hengstenhouderij & SWS/KI Station

KI SWS Artificial insemination / semen collection station

Our station is certified by the European Union under number NL214076

Artificial insemination:

With artificial insemination the conception and the ejaculation of the stallion are “de-coupled”. The stallion covers on a so called phantom mare. The semen is collected and processed in such a way that it will last for a few days under chilled conditions.

Advantages of artificial insemination:

Each mare gets a doses of semen with a minimum number of fertile semen cells.

As there is no direct contact between mare and stallion, the chance of transfer of diseases is almost zero.

Artificial insemination forces the stallion keeper or vet to keep track of the mare’s cycle oestrous cycle which ensures insemination at the right moment.

Artificial insemination requires a proper education at the Veterinarian Faculty of the University of Utrecht of the person practising. The knowledge gained is of value for supervising the mare during the whole process of getting pregnant in a safe way.

How does it work?

Artificial insemination at the station:

When the mare arrives at the station she is frequently checked by means of ultrasound scan or on her behaviour towards stallions to determine the moment of ovulation. Just before the ovulation she is inseminated with th3e stallions fresh semen.

After 18 – 21 days (the length of a mare’s cycle), she is checked on pregnancy by our vet by means of ultra sound.


Fresh semen delivery

In Europe an efficient courier system is in place, that enables to foresee mares at relative large distance with fresh semen. After collection and processing for transport it is picked up by a courier.

Mares can be inseminated at the local vet or on a stud with insemination facilities and trained staff.

Obviously the vet at the mare´s home stable will have to check her cycle and must forecast the ovulation.


Since 2022 our station is certified as EU semen collection center. Every shipment must be accompanied by a certificate. Starting this season the certification is fully digital. On the consignment form the certificate number is written. In the so called Traces system the certificate can be checked at any time.

Important is that the receiver beginning 2023 is registered in the Traces system. Alle horse keepers in the EU need to be registered anyways; the authority that does the registration can also enter your (stable) address, or alternatively your vet’s address into Traces.

We can send you instructions; Important is that this is done before the first shipment takes place.

Order semen: at least one day before shipment!