Leestensch Hof

Haflinger Hengstenhouderij & SWS/KI Station


Breeding conditions: Stud fee: Alpenschnee:    € 370,= Stubenkönig:     € 370,= Arlon:                   € 370,= Blitz:                     € 370,= Maizauber:         € 370,= excluding VAT and studbook costs Stabling fee: Mares € 8.00 per day and for mares with foal, € 10.00 per day Mares that are at our station are also inseminated; in this case, we speak of “insemination at the centre”. For an explanation of shipping AI, see “AI-SWS” Guste mares: For mares for whom a “gust statement” from a veterinarian can be submitted before November 1, 2022, they will receive a 50% discount on one of our stallions in the next season (veterinary and other additional costs excluded). Liability: The insemination of your mare as well as the stabling of your mare on our farm is at your own risk. Of course we do our utmost to deliver your mare as healthy as she came and to let her become the mother of a beautiful foal next year’s spring! Ordering: evening before shipment no later than 21.00! Our services are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Association of Stallion Owners in the Netherlands, filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht. For more information: by phone or email: see contact Change: Alpine snow:      € 370,= Stubenkönig:     € 370,=; Arlon:                   € 370,=; May Magic:        € 370,=; excluding VAT and remittance of studbook Shipping CI within the Netherlands 34 euros; Outside the Netherlands, we apply a rate for transport and the export certificate. Depending on the distance, these costs range from 70 to 110 euros