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Liz. 512 Alpenschnee

Reserve National Champion 2018.

HLP 2016 Ebbs

Alpenschnees father is world champion Liz. Abendstern; his mother is a elite daughter of Liz. Nordtirol. In the mother line several elite and predikat mares are present.

Breeder is Michael Gurschler from Sölden, Ötztal, Tyrol, Austria.

At the Stallion show, September 2017 in Ebbs Liz Alpenschnee became second „Reservesieger“(reserve champion). In the same year he became second at the Hengstleistungsprüfung (performance test), also in Ebbs.

Alpenschnee at 9 years of age already has 3 approved sons. His offspring was successful at many shows.

In dressage Alpenschnee, ridden by Vera Sol, has been very successful. (ZZ zwaar / Advanced; sub top)